Striving To Bring You Ever Closer To Christ

DKG Ministries is a company founded to create products, services, and solutions to the Catholic community. We are focused on using technology first, as a tool to reach those who truly desire to learn and grow in their faith. Christ called the initial disciples and asked them to come follow Him. Christ then taught them to go forth and be fishers of men. At DKGM, we pray everyday that we to can follow in the model of the Apostles and be fishers of men, helping others to know, love, and serve the Lord.

Currently, we are developing a prayer app, online talks, e-commerce platforms and other solutions that will help our fellow disciples strengthen their knowledge of Christ’s teachings. Through the increased knowledge we can all go forth sharing ways of applying His teachings to our lives today.  We are striving to bringing others to a deeper understanding of the truths that Christ taught when He walked the earth, and He is teaching today through the Gospels.

Projects That Are Coming Soon